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    Well, for those that didn't readmy thread about this past weekend, I went to a UKc show and took BJH from the Novice class. I overlooked it in the rules, but because I took a BJH, I should have moved up to the Open class. I've already entered two UKC shows(and two shows each day) in the Novice Senior class. So now my mom has to call the trial secretary and fix it.

    But the worst part is this. I made my sister enter this show. She hates jrs, she doesn't have a quality dog, Misha isn't trained for jrs much, she doesn't show as well as I do, she hates dressing up(so is wearing a pant suit instead),... I made her enter so that no matter what, I'd have at least one person to compete against for my last win. Lol.. And now she didn't have to. :p She's going to whine about it now.. lol.

    And another bad thing.. I have a friend in Open Senior. In 4-H and in Novice classes in AKC and UKC jrs I've ALWAYS beaten her. Just this past Sunday we were joking around and telling her she was lucky that I still needed one more win to get into Open. But, now I don't.. and now I'll be in her class. And now I kind of feel bad. I don't mean to sound cocky at all.. that is not my intention.. but she's really never beat me.. and we live in the same area and go to all the same shows. But I guess I shouldn't feet bad... because the best junior is supposed to win, and if you aren't winning it just means you need to improve..but honestly, this girl just doesn't have natural talent. I'm nto saying I'm great.. but handling comes very easy for me. For her, she has to work at it.

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