If Money Were No Object-Pookins Edition

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    A fantasy...we had to stop at a mall yesterday to drop off a ring for repair. This mall is one of those yupscale spots...fun to window shop but if you need to ask how much you're definitely in the wrong place...valet parking for $10, only the little people walk in the lot

    But there are people around here who are "names", Steven Cobert lives a few towns over...there are sightings, I don't watch TV enough to know who half of them are...but you know when one of them is around.

    So I had this fantasy of being one of " The Names" and walking into this mall. First thing of course, the beautiful people carry teacup pooches everywhere. I would of course bring Sophie and security would wave her through, probably tip their hats as well. We could start at Tiffanys, matching mother and dog necklace and collar baubles. Of course we'd have to have a charm customized for her collar. While we waited at customer service they would bring me tea and her fresh water, a few rose petals floating in it perhaps.

    Then to the nail salon, she could sit in my lap for her nails to be done. Then at my feet while they did mine. If she got antsy maybe a nice massage while she waited. Then after some more shopping, lunch of course. Mmmm Legal Seafood, Sophie loves fish too. I'm a "name", of course she can sit at the table. A fillet topped with bacon for her, something light for me. And for dessert a creme brulee, a taste for her a taste for me.

    Then toadly refreshed...it's back to reali:rofl1:ty

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