IA--Shiba/Corgi mix to be shot for chewing

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Zoom, Jan 2, 2010.

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    We are working with another animal rescue person in Iowa to place this little girl as fast as possible. Here is the information we received.

    Got a call from a guy that was going to shoot this dog, today, because she has chewed on his deck and on his siding – ok, that’s all I will say about that as I saw the damage and it was not bad at all – this is a very manageable problem.

    What I did see was an extremely friendly little dog that was formerly in a home and is now living outside in the country. A dog that is full grown, in heat and smiles. A dog that needs to be out of there ASAP and should probably be kenneled when you leave the house.

    I will have her UTD on shots, spayed and tested for HW this week. There will be no adoption fee to the right home and food supplied to a foster home.

    He said that he wanted her gone now.

    Can anyone foster this little girl or give her a forever home before her Owner hurts her or worse yet kills her?

    Please contact us day or night and we will put you in touch with the other rescue person we are working with to try and save this innocent little girl. Let's get her to safety ASAP and in a warm bed.

    Thank you & God Bless

    Bill & Genea Stoops


    Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.

    712-527-3721 (Home)
    712-355-3721 (Cell)
    Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc. "A Place to Heal" Horse and Large Dog Rescue in Glenwood, Iowa

    A Place To Heal

    In Glenwood, IA
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    This is why some people shouldn't have pets. I hope she finds a family soon.

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