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    ...my dog nutritionist!!!!! He has helped me so much with the boys' diets!!! If it werent for him who knows what I would be feeding! (not anything like Iams, I at least know what to look for for a good kibble). He once suggested adding some tea leaves to the dogs's kibble because tea leaves contain so much good stuff!

    Well Ronan has never been able to handle raw beef of any kind (whether it be muscle meat or fat) and would always get the runs really bad anytime he got into some. No one knows why it affected him so bad, but it did. I tried giving small amounts to build up his tummy''s tolerance like I did with OC and new foods as a puppy but even the smallest amount would give Ronan the runs.

    I remembered that green tea is really good for settling upset tummies in humans (at least it always has for me and my family) and keeps things running normal in the digestive tract so one day I decided to try adding a little bit of raw beef to Ronan's kibble with a pinch of loose-leaf green tea leaves. IT WORKED!!!! I just kept increasing the amount of beef each serving and then with drew the addition of the tea leaves and his tummy can now handle beef without any problems!!! Woohoo!!!! Just thought I would share my discovery in case anybody else has any tummy issues with their dogs!

    BTW, I still add tea leaves to their meals every now and then just because of all the good stuff it has to offer!

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