I keep having a bad dream...

Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Brattina88, Oct 13, 2012.

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    I get stuck in these ruts where I have the SAME exact dream over and over night after night and I can't get them to stop. For years I went through periods where it was a dream stemming from Maddie's attack which caused her eye injury. That's finally settled way down, I can't even remember the last time I'e dreamed it. But I guess I understand the reason behind that dream.

    But now I keep having this same dream, and its driving me nuts! It's very dark and dreary out, foggy. I am walking around in a field and the grass is dewy so my feet are wet and cold. It seems like I am walking around aimlessly, very depressed, no will to do anything. And then I find my best friends grave stone, and I collapse to my knees and cry and cry and cry. And I usually wake up crying. It is completely exhausting and I felt like I haven't slept in weeks :eek:

    Help????? :eek:
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    I had the same issue.. for at least a year of my life I had the same nightmare every night. I was on a boat with friends, would fall off, start screaming, be treading open water, the boat would go off and leave me there and I would wake up either with the feeling like I was drowning or that I was falling.

    I started therapy (for other stuff) and really dug out the root of the nightmares.. my anxiety, feeling left out, the fear of the unknown, the stress etc... and because of dealing with that, the dreams let up.

    I learned to deal with my stress and anxiety instead of just shoving it away (where it would just re-emerge when I went to sleep)
    I learned the DEAL with the stress of school without feeling like I was drowning in the pressures, and learned to understand that my friends/family LOVE ME and I need to stop feeling anxious about not being good enough for them or feeling left out.

    Call your friend, find the root of it, really talk about how it feel to lose him/her and think about why you feel that way.

    I'm no therapist.. but that's how I fixed my problem.. finding the real problem and learning to deal with those feelings so they weren't repressed and popping up in my dreams.

    Also, happy movies before bed lol

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