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    Found this in my archives and just thought this forum might enjoy it.
    I wrote this after my "old man Dane " passed on.

    I had a dream.

    While walking down a maple sheltered road to the river, I happened upon this young man sitting quietly on a fallen log. As I passed, I nodded and smiled.
    He smiled back and spoke with a soft growling voice, if there is such a thing.
    " Hello, David."
    It startled me slightly that he knew my name. He had a familiar face, but not one I could place.
    " I'm really sorry, but do I know you?" I offered sheepishly.
    He rose, becoming a hansome figure of brawn, and confidence. Yet, you could feel a gentle nature surrounding his strength.
    " Yes, my name is THOR."
    He seemed to wait for a response from me, but I could not place him.
    My dog came to mind first. Then a faded episode clip of Mel Brooks' "History of the World".
    He could see my inner turmoil.
    " Pleased to meet you." I muttered childishly. " You, um, from around here? " Again, another movie clip passed through my head.
    " I used to be, not far actually. "
    His acute attention drifted to the surrounding trees, as though he were remininsing.
    " And because you like to beat around the bush Rob, I'll answer your next question. "
    My hackles immediatly went up.
    " I am waiting." he said in a whisper.
    He returned to the log, and drew a deep breath.
    " Waiting for you because I wanted to thank you."
    The more I talked to Thor, the more I felt I knew him. An old friend of my parents. Perhaps I met him when I was a kid. I began to feel uneasy, yet intriqued and comfortable, all at the same time. It unsettled me.

    "Thank Me?"
    I courched down, like a child settled in for a story. Im not sure why.
    "Yes." he replied leaning toward me.
    " I wanted to thank you for... rubbing my ears and my eyes.
    And my neck, you could have done that for days.
    I wanted to thank you for knowing how to calm me, when I got upset.
    Thank you for watching out for me when I got careless.
    I wanted to thank you for beef gravy. Oh, gravy made the week worth it.
    And toast. But you were'nt supposed to know about that.
    Thank you for finding when I got lost. And for rescueing me. And healing me.
    Thank you for touching me. And letting me kiss you. Eat more garlic, okay?
    Thank you for cookies.
    And thank you for always coming home at the end of the day. I worried, ya know.

    I wanted to thank you for the couch. And the blankets. For letting me lay with you.
    And thank you very much for Tylenol. You have no idea.
    By the way ... the end of the couch, that was me. Just really bad timing for Tora. "
    Thor grinned, attention drifting again for a moment. I couldn.t help but laugh out tear.

    " Mostly, I wanted to thank you for letting me live. And for knowing when I had to go."

    I blinked dramatically, and finally drew my own breath back. I was'nt sure what to say first.
    " You're a man. Not a dog. I really don't get this."
    My words stumpled out. I tried frantically to piece this together.
    "Why are you man? Why aren't you in heaven."
    Again, I felt somewhat like a child, but the question seemed valid.

    " You aren't supposed to know. But because of who you are, I will give you this." he offered.
    He rose from the log. taking a deep breath through his nose.
    " After we are man, we become a dog. After dog, we become something unimaginably better." He snorted a laugh. " Ha! If there is such a thing. After being a dog..."
    I never knew Thor to have a sence of humor. But then perhaps he was just a little too sophisicated for me all this time.
    "That is where I'm going now."
    His hand reached out and touched my face and he smiled.I could feel his heart beat at that moment, like when I used to when I lay upon his chest and listen to him breathat night.
    He turned and began to continue toward the river.
    With an endless flood of questions exploding in my head, all that I managed to my lips was...
    "...what will I be? "
    He stopped and turned slightly.

    With a grin, he claimed, " a Jack Russel."
    No, I thought. I could feel myself sink.
    He must have too as he quickly reclaimed it.
    " You will be a Dane, my friend. " He turned, and faded into a ghostly walk.

    Then I woke up.

    "Thor" - Merle Great Dane
    July 1994 - November 18, 2003
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    That's a lovely, well-wrought piece, Hunter. Thanks for sharing something so intensely personal.

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