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    I have spent a total of two hours today with Spanky and that's it. Bandit is sore so Spanky has been put away so Bandit can sit comfortably on his cushion. I would put Bandit away but he keeps howling whenever I try to leave him. He is milking it for all it's worth. He's not making any fuss when I run my hands over him firmly at all but he's walking a little weird and clearly isn't fully comfortable and wants nothing to do with his brother.

    I should go put him in my room, turn on his favorite channel, make him some chicken noodle soup, give him a kiss and tuck him into bed. Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to sneak in some quality Spanky time tonight. Usually Bandit is my late night snuggle bug but it looks like Spanky will be taking over that shift.

    Yah for having dogs that don't get along the greatest. Rotations freaking suck guys.

    In case you are wondering he's sore from the Wrestle Mania him and Spanky had this morning. They were launching each other off my bed today, body slamming eachother into walls and making it sound like a stampede of bulls were in my room.

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