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    This sounds very similar to a story that the lady that saved Victor went through. Why? When people are trying to make a difference can't it be recognized by the very people who are suppose to be fighting the same thing. Can't they all get on the same page?
    I think I know where the house is that is in the pic. I think I have looked either at that dog, or one exactly the same, on a chain, in a yard of mud, in the same kind of neighborhood. Anyone willing to go in there and make a difference should be helped not hindered.
    In the comments which I can't tell you the men I have known that worked for ac, the one that I had chased down and tried to report for cruelty "the dog mysteriously jumped out of the bloody box and ran away" his name forever etched in my mind, truly it's a nightmare. There was one I met that I thought really cared. If a person wants to hear horror stories of dogs on chains and I know these women reported every single time, talk to the meter readers. Independence, East Side, and AC services the whole thing. IT's a horrid range, you would think they would welcome any kind of help they could get.

    There is a vet clinic there bless there souls a thousand times over that make their rates doable and their office is crammed to the max. I don't know how they stand what they have to see. THat vet clinic is mentioned in the comments too.
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    if they're under the same rules as a private citizen then exercise a private citizen's right & refuse entry w/o a warrant. then call a lawyer to have present & maybe their vet.

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