Hyper alert dog learns to focus

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    and run a course at night. :yikes: <---That is what Sloan looked like when I first asked for this. lol

    We train OB and bitework at night at a park about once a week but its usually the same park and well lit and, well, that's a different drive.

    Last night, trying to get back into the swing of training after being so busy, we fit in a session with my friend at my trainers yard at about 8pm. Only two of the lights were working (or we're just dumb and couldn't find the switches for the others) but it gave enough light for safety. It did however give enough shadow for little miss hyper aware of every sound and movement to seriously struggle staying tuned into me.

    This was the product of 4 attempts and finally some focus. Not a hard course, not the best handling, not the best speed, but hey, she stuck with me. The first run I lost her after the a-frame which is totally shadowed. The second I lost her around the corner of the dog walk. The third I lost her coming up to the table. Finally on 4 I think we were regaining some trust.

    The only part I'm bummed we don't have on this video is her second weaves, twelve straight which asked for a jump after the teeter into a tight wrap and reload or a really difficult entry which was lining up even for a flexible border collie as the second set. We didn't try for a direct entry, we're just not there, but I did get several really tight wraps and smooth, quick entries. All things considered it was a good training session and it reminded me how much we really need to get back out there more frequently again.


    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zi_MpG6Jmvk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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