How do I find a members posted dog pictures?

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    :confused: I must be really 'thick'...but I have tried every which way to locate a certain member's pictures. I can find profile, and threads...but not her pictures of her dog. I cannot even figure out how to find my own quickly! Why is there not a place to click...'dog pictures by members'? I know she has a picture or two posted, unless you have removed them because they are old. But, none are located for me under 'search'.
    Thanks for any help: JASPERSTONE
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    to one side of the page on the gallery it will say my photos..that should send you to your own..quickly..
    it is on the left side near the top..right under where the first few pics are posted in a line...
    as to search if you have the full name it should come up..if you pm me the names you are looking for i will try and send you the links

    there will be a line of photos right in this space
    then directly below it says

    My Photos · My Albums · My Favorites Admin · Home · Search · Profile · Upload Photos

    my photos is where you click to take you to your gallery

    i also like to keep an eye on that random photo box on the right..if someone's pics are there that i like i will add to favorites becuase i know i can access their gallery from any picture..where it says see this members gallery..i hope that makes sense. I have quite a few that are my all time favorites and i visit regularly.
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