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    Welcome to Hounds Around Town

    Hounds Around Town: featuring dog-friendly, Canadian made dog products

    Based in Nova Scotia, our online dog boutique has been serving customers around the world since July of 2003. We are not a "bricks and mortar" business per se as we have no physical storefront. We do however feel that we know many of our customers personally as we are fortunate enough to receive regular emails and pictures from many of our customers.

    We were one of the first online dog boutiques in Canada, and the very first in the Maritimes. Whenever possible we support Canadian products and companies.

    We believe that form and function should not be independent of one another and strive to carry products that are practical yet esthetically appealing.

    It is important to us to represent companies who have extended good customer service to our company and who stand behind their products, as we believe in quality in both service and product. Personal service is the cornerstone of our company as we are in business to make both you and your dog happy.

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