Homemade kibble topper recipe

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    Ok since is so hard to find were I live quality canned foods, I have made this recipes to be used as a kibble topper :D , this topper is exelent for getting the attention of picky eaters, I know dogs don't need veggies for living but this ones are for adding extra flavor to the meat

    Ingredient list:

    • 1 pound ground chicken/ beef/ beef hearth
    • Chicken liver, the quantity depends on how your dog or cat likes it
    • A bit of salt and basil

    For the veggies use two or more of:
    • Carrots
    • Broccoli
    • Green beans
    • Tomatoes

    First add the ground meat in pot wit water, half of the meat should be at least submerged in the water, when the water stars to boil add the veggies, also salt and basil.

    Pictured chicken and green beans:


    Steer the mix occasionally until when the water evaporates, later let it cold and then you can store it in a plastic container, ready to be used for your pet.

    When you want to use it for feed add warm water to the kibble, then add the meat and mix it wit a spoon , your pet is going to have a feast :party:

    Pictured chicken wit broccoli and green beans:


    Pictured chicken wit carrots, tomato and broccoli :


    If it's too mush meat you can also freeze it and save it for later.

    Pictured beef wit carrots, tomato and green beans :

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    That is a great idea! Thank you!

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