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    I am currently assisting a photography program at a high school and I was asked to start a weekly photo challenge for the photo 2 students.

    Anyone have suggestions for photo challenge themes to incorporate?

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    Here are a few from my photo class in high school. We were basically a bunch of teenagers with really expensive cameras all taking the same cheesy pictures (landscape, facebook pose, starbucks cup in black in white) so he created these to FORCE us to kind of get away from the "pretty picture"

    - Pictures of strangers (always fun lol we did this in high school and we had A LOT of fun with it)
    - "A bugs life" take a picture with your camera on the ground.
    - The un-attractive eating picture
    - Take it from behind (lol pictures of the back of people/monuments/places/animals)
    - The high school musical jump picture
    - The wandering gnome (give the class each a doll, take pictures of it in interesting crazy places)
    - Out of context (pictures of people doing average things in weird places) We had one girl who photographed a friend doing a full on cardio workout in the middle of a barnes & nobles.. the faces of the people around are PRICELESS
    - It's the little things.. (take a picture of a small ordinary object that looks awesome up close) many people took pictures of marbles, tiny flowers, bugs etc..
    - Un-loved animals. (take a picture of an ugly animal. Pigeons, possums, reptiles.. nothing cute/pretty)
    - Park soap opera. (pictures of a group of people/animals at the park)

    There were a bunch others lol but those were my favorites!

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