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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by StillandSilent, Mar 18, 2012.

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    We've developed a moderately severe humping problem over the past week. Always Argon mounting Gambit. Their stats
    Argon- 8 year old whippet/basset, neuter at 8 weeks, DA/DR
    Gambit- 1 yr old coydog, neuter at 10 weeks
    The've lived together for over a year with no problems or clashes.

    Both boys have been checked by the vet and are healthy. Argon will be wandering by Gambit, and all the sudden get 'the look', and sidle back over to mount. Gambit tolerates it for a few seconds, then growls and pulls away. Argon backs off. If I catch it before Gambit gets upset, I usually give him an 'ah-ah', and he backs off. Argon probably climbs abort 7-8 times a day

    But it doesn't really seem to be lessening the number of times Argon mounts. How can I stop the behavior before it starts, rather then correct it once it does?

    Also, is this behavior from Argon related to Gambit coming into his social maturity? I haven't seen any obvious behavior changes from Gambit towards Argon, but he is becoming much more settled in general.
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    Its pretty hard to say why these things start. Good plan to have had them looked at, I have heard of dogs starting to hump others with urinary infections etc.

    If he backs off when Gambit growls and no one is getting really upset/tense I would be inclined to let them work it out with supervision. We have a 'rule' here.. humping is fine as long as the humpee gets to tell the humper when to stop, and if it will stop on cue. We really don't have much humping, its usually when the girls are in heat.. they hump each other. But while they stop when I say, it never lessens the initiation.

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