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Discussion in 'Forum Help and Information' started by Kaydee, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I want to add a cool picture to my signature and I can't even get the signature figured out. And of course I'd like to show off my adorable critters...explain slooowly folks, Granmaw ain't techy savvy...step by step...thanks!!!:hail:
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    1) go make an account at
    2) upload photos to said account
    3) after uploading, in your album looking at the photos, if you scroll over them it should bring up a menu, and there should be an IMG code.. 3rd box in menu down IIRC
    4) copy/paste that code into the typing box on a thread or in a new thread, hit post, and it should show!

    For signature, you'll have to do steps 1-3, then go to user cp here (left hand corner of menu bar), on the left hand side choose "edit signature", then copy/paste the IMG code there

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