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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by lavernious, Nov 20, 2006.

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    hello everyone and thanks so much for taking the time to read our post. first let me introduce myself and the new member to our family. my name is chelsea and i have currently added mr. lavernious (vernon) dwight saunders to the family. well that is his lengthened name we refer to him for fun, but we call him vernon....

    anyways he is a 7 week old vizlsa pup. i am highly aware of everything about them from there much needed exercise to their want of always liking effection.however we are having a problem with the vern always wanting to not only whine but bark for hours during crate training. i knew this would come about and have read numerous blogs about crate training and books. i have followed the steps to the best of my knowledge:
    1. not leaving him in the crate fo longer than 2-3 hours max
    2. not giving into the whining
    3. putting a familiar toy or owner's tshirt that might be the dogs favorite thing to rest assure that this is a safe place.
    4.feeding him near the crate.
    5.placin treats int he kennel for him to find..

    if its out there, trust me ive read it. he is fine when he is out of the kennel and will even go back to his crate to look for his toys and get in it so i know es overly comfortable with it, but at night or when we put him in it to start getting him use to it, he barks and almost screams for hours. there are small portions of when hes quiet but he starts again. i can bear it for an hour but then have to go outside to ignore it, yet when i come it (and ill come in quietly so he wont hear me) hes still doing it.

    i know ive only had him from five days now but its not getting any better. please any suggestions other than whats on the typical crate training info i find online and in training books.

    im assuming im going to have to get through it which i plan to do not a problem, but there is not signs of any progress.

    thanks so much....

    owner of the excessive crate barker,
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    Not all dogs can be away from the "PACK" for too long especially if the surroundings are unfamiliar, slow down on the crate training is my advise. Some things just can`t be rushed. Chill out, they don`t think in human terms........

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