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    crossposted with permission;
    From: "J" <jwindh@m...>
    Date: Fri Oct 15, 2004 5:51 pm
    I am so upset right now I can barely think straight. I began listening to
    Ontario Attorney General's live press conference where he is indeed going
    through to propose province-wide BSL and was so outraged I had to turn it off.

    Since previous emails to Mr. Bryant have gone unanswered I have, this morning,
    been on the phone with the provincial office of the Attorney General, and will
    be calling the federal office today as well. I will not be stopping until Mr.
    Bryant has agreed to my request for an appointment - I am asking for one hour,
    not unreasonable I think considering I've devoted the last five years of my life
    to rescuing abused, neglected and abandoned dogs, focussing on the American Pit
    Bull and Staffordshire Terriers. I am extremely motivated at this moment that
    Mr. Bryant is announcing his plans to ban ALL "Pit Bulls" from the entire
    province, especially considering he is making NO effort to meet with or listen
    to breed experts, responsible breeders, or people like myself who know and
    understand the breed through personal experience.

    I NEED HELP from you right now. Unfortunately I am temporarily holding three
    jobs, taking a university course, mid-move, running Barlee's and volunteering
    for St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs. I am going to put together a package and
    whatever time I am able to get with Mr. Bryant needs to be utilized FULLY -
    every single second. If he is going to listen to ANYTHING at all, I will need
    evidence or proof of all the claims I make. If I am going to be considered
    credible at all I need to be beyond fully prepared.

    I am outlining below what I am asking from anyone in the dog community:

    1 - unbiased, legitimate information (studies etc) regarding temperament, breed
    traits/correct temperament for the APBT/AST/SBT, individual stats from eg
    shelters re temperament by breed, etc (like ATTS studies)

    2 - verifiable accounts of misidentification of dogs who have injured people
    being labelled as APBTs/ASTs/SBTs

    3 - verifiable accounts of non-APBT/AST/SBT dogs who have injured people (nb I
    will NOT be pointing any fingers at any other breeds, and will not identify what
    breeds they are, just that these incidents did not involve "Pit Bulls")

    4 - verifiable statistical information on serious dog attacks in Ontario where
    breed identification is available (with proof of breed via papers/pictures etc;
    again, which breed it was will not be addressed unless necessary, just that the
    breed was not a "Pit Bull")

    5 - verifiable stats re numbers of "Pit Bulls" in the general population,
    proportionally adjusted stats on bites, etc (these may or may not be referenced
    but the point will be made that they are of NO USE if they are not adjusted to
    reflect the abundance of the various breeds)

    6 - verifiable accounts of abuse/neglect towards "Pit Bulls" - esp where the dog
    is of sound temperament despite the environmental factors

    7 - verifiable accounts of APBTs/ASTs/SBTs doing positive things - eg SAR,
    therapy dogs, service dogs, "hero" dogs, titled dogs or dogs with
    accomplishments leg CGC

    8 - legitimate, referencable information on a) breed traits of the APBT/AST/SBT;
    b) genetic component of temperament; c) the difference between
    human-aggression and dog-aggression as unrelated traits in dogs

    9 - pictures of APBTs/ASTs/SBTs with children; with the elderly; working or
    volunteering (therapy, service, SAR, narcotics, etc); family pictures that
    include the family "Pit Bull" - anything that is realistic, truthful, and which
    shows what MOST of these dogs are like

    10 - copies of effective dangerous dog bylaws which are NOT breed-specific as

    11 - verifiable statements/releases etc from any credible organizations faulting
    BSL (eg the AVMA study), the more unbiased (eg put out by orgs other than Pit
    Bull advocates) the better

    Please take the time to mail anything that you can to the Barlee's address, and
    please help us by including a cover sheet stating exactly what information is
    enclosed in your package. Please note that any information sent is assumed that
    we have permission to use.

    I am also asking for ANY AND ALL owners of APBTs/ASTs/SBTs to take the time
    right now and have your dog, if they are capable, take the Canine Good Citizen
    test. Even more, I am asking that you consider investing a couple of hours a
    week into doing therapy work with your Pit Bull, if they are capable. Someone
    who says "my Pit Bull has a sound temperament and is not a danger" have MUCH
    more credibility if they can back it up with unbiased assessments supporting
    your claim. The people on the street who recoil are usually surprised when they
    hear that the "Pit Bull" is a therapy dog or whatnot. I think Bryant has
    strategically chosen to grandfather existing dogs for one reason only - because
    the people affected, who would oppose this, won't worry and will be complacent
    since their dog is fine. He said outright this morning that "Pit Bull owners"
    will finance all his proposals; muzzle laws, $1 mill liability requirements,
    huge dog license fees for people who have Pit Bulls. THIS AFFECTS US ALL and
    NOW is the time to act.

    Permission to crosspost responsibly.

    Barlee's Angels Rescue Network -
    Barlee, forever in my heart
    Until there are none...rescue one

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