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    ...for a potential new dog.

    I have been in my new apartment for two days - and I haven't even slept there yet due to not having a vehicle and needing a ride to work (car is in the shop - I get it back today! Whoot!). But in just the short time I've spent there...I cannot stand not having a dog around. Having Dameon really helps, but what I'm missing is a dog. When Mike came over and brought the three hellions with him, it just instantly made the apartment seem that much more like home. (And yes, it was because of the dogs, not him. :p)

    Even though I said I wasn't going to, and I still don' think it will work out, I am going to try Chloe with me, probably next week after I am completely unpacked and arranged. I don't think she'll cope well and she'll probably be a barking, anxious mess...but mom wants me to try and I don't have a problem with trying.

    But, should Chloe not work out after some time and training...I will most likely be looking for my next dog. I still have to discuss that with mom as that would mean Chloe would become her dog, but she seemed tolerable to the idea when we were discussing trying Chloe out. Another option would be for me to take Gracie and Cooper and have them live with me - but that would require more $$$ per month than I would really care to pay and they also don't quite fit the bill of the large, intimidating dog I'd rather have. LOL

    However, I am going to have some tall orders that are need-to-haves, so I thought I'd ask people to look around now and if they happen to come across a dog they have personally evaluated that is being rehomed that would fit the bill to let me know so I can weigh all my options. I'll also likely be emailing local rescues and asking if they have anything that would fit what I want when the time comes.

    What I would be looking for:
    - Medium to large in size. The 45-65 pound range would be perfect.
    - Short coat, or a coat I can shave down and have it not look stupid. I don't want to mess with brushing every day.
    - Can't be a "banned" breed - the apartment has breed restrictions due to insurance issues. No Rotties, GSDs, Pitties, Akitas, Chows, etc. However, there is no weight limit and they don't really enforce the breed thing...if it can pass off as a "boxer mix" or a "lab mix" or a "husky mix" then they won't care.
    - Age doesn't really matter. What does matter is temperament and behavior. This is where things get tricky.
    1.) MUST either be crate trained or able to be loose in the house without issues. I cannot have a dog that screams while crated. Period. Not only would that not work in the apartment, if I were to take him to work with me he would be in a crate. I'd prefer having a dog trustworthy in the house while loose, but know that may not be possible.
    2.) MUST get along with other dogs, including small dogs. Cynder is very nonchalant around other dogs and Gracie and Cooper are both submissive (Chloe, dominant bitch of the west, tolerates them all and she doesn't like anybody), but I'd rather not take chances with a hit and miss kind of dog.
    3.) MUST not try to eat small pets. I'd love to have a dog I can trust loose with Dameon - like Chloe - but since his health is not doing well I would be just as happy with a dog that ignores him when he's in his cage.
    4.) MUST not be reactive to noises. I want a dog that will bark at the door when someone knocks - not when he hears people walking by on the street. So that comes with typical apartment living, I guess.

    One that could be active, but has an off switch in the house. Intelligent, trainable. Able to be off leash in a controlled setting (aka, if I were at my parent's house in the country he wouldn't bolt off). Social to polite disinterest in strangers would be just fine, prefer a dog that will alert bark when someone is at the door/looks imposing. Able to tolerate handling/grooming.

    Annnnd, I think that's it. I know dogs like that are out there because I've had the pleasure to foster four of them in the past. The problem is finding one at the right time. lol

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