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    Hey everyone!

    I was on here a while back but stopped coming (I don't remember why, but it was probably something to do with a lack of internet + time), but I'm back!

    Because it's been several years and lots has happened (and you've probably forgotten me!), here are bullet-points list on the vitals.

    The dogs (links go to pictures):
    -->Chester is my main boy. He's some kind of a puggle mix who chose me. I saw him wandering around my apartment complex, bent down and encouraged him over to see if he had a collar or tags (he didn't). He sniffed hesitantly, then jumped in my lap and got CRAZY excited. Followed me home and wouldn't leave, and (much to my mother's initial dismay) it was history. I put up posters (had one wacko response, but that was it) and asked the office if anyone was missing a dog. They'd been trying to catch him for a month and he wouldn't let anyone near him. Right now he's kind of the best dog ever, but he still has some confidence/timidity issues (especially with new dogs), but it's a slow work in progress. I really want to get his CGC at some point and maybe do a bit of agility, since this boy has springs for legs. Shot 2
    -->Jag is technically the family dog, but everyone knows he's mine. My parents take care of him, though, because he's not very apartment-friendly. He's bipolar to new people, barks incessantly, and with his age (almost 11 now, was 8 when I moved out), it's just too hard on him to adjust to new places like this.

    -Almost done with the ultra scenic route for a B.S. in Environmental Biology
    -Recently came out of the closet as a botanist
    -Ex-professional violinist (well, almost professional - I still get gigs a few times a year, which is nice)
    -Ex-photographer (back in May, my apartment was broken into and my gear was stolen, so I haven't been able to do much since other than when I can borrow my dad's, but I'm getting close to the savings marker to buy replacement gear!)
    -Biggest hobby is cooking/baking. I'm a localtarian (i.e. the only animal products I eat are local, organic, free-range, humane) and a freegan (i.e. if it's free or will be tossed out, my diet goes out the window). Good quality food is my weakness, but I'm poor, so to afford it (and increase the quality!), I cook EVERYTHING. Right now I'm getting more into making dairy stuff - i.e. butter, buttermilk (cultured and from butter), basic cheeses - and I already have a long-standing yogurt and kombucha culture. It's gotten to the point where I just make these things because I love making them, even if I don't consume them enough (we'll just say my friends love me)!

    Starting the morning after Christmas, I'll be fostering a hound/bully (I'm thinking boxer/beagle/pit?) mix and her litter of 9 (!) 4-week old puppies, at least until they're old enough to go to their homes. I may have to send them back once they reach the 8 week mark because of classes, but we'll see.

    That was a lot longer than I anticipated! Sorry guys. Glad to be back!
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    That's a cool photo. Welcome back! :)

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