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    Handmade dog treats at http://www.thedogbonery.com** Our products are made in small batches and approved by Casey “The Yellow Lab†Jones, our own quality control enforcement agent. If Casey doesn’t like it then we don’t sell it.

    Our Dog Treats are made with wholesome ingredients; no additives, artificial colorings or preservatives are present. Just look at our dog treats you’ll see homemade quality. Open up a bag and you’ll smell the flavor.
    Our coffee soap is our newest product and feedback has been great. Why coffee? Well, coffee is a natural deodorizer. Try it and your dog will be odor free.

    So take a minute and look at our products. Navigate our site and explore the articles we have compiled to help you provide the best environment for you and your dog.

    Our coffee soap will be available November 1st.
    Casey Jones' Paw Balm will be available October 15th.

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