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Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Greenmagick, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Noble is a 2 year old GSD that is a sweet, gentle boy. He has been perfectly housebroken from day one and his only 'naughty' habit is swiping food from counters or trash can if opportunity presents itself...his life of starvation very fresh in his mind. Otherwise a calm, undemanding dog. He is happy for attention but never pushy. He really loves playing with other dogs and would do best with a companion to live with. He can climb fences, so a 5-6 foot fence, depending on type is necessary. He doesn't want to run away though, just be with you and feel safe. He is still nervous in new situations or meeting strangers, but never aggressive. He will bark at strangers but otherwise is a quiet boy. He weighs about 70lbs now and most of his coat has grown in nicely. The hair is still thinner on his lower back where longterm injury and scarring may mean it is always less full there. He is doing great on the 'slow kill' method of treatment for his Heartworm and has had no side effects or issues at all from that. Just a healthy, sweet boy who will continue to blossom in a home of his own.

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