Grieving male pit bull refuses to leave his deceased friend's side (female pit bull)

Discussion in 'Dog News and Articles' started by Miakoda, May 24, 2012.

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    I read this article this morning, and it made me sad. :(


    A heartbreaking photo of a male pit bull refusing to leave the side of a female pit bull that lay dead on the side of a Phoenix road is making the rounds on Facebook.

    According to Fox's Phoenix affiliate, the female pit bull appeared to have been struck by a car on Friday. The male pit bull stayed by her side for more than 14 hours.

    "The male pit bull wouldn't leave her, so a nearby business set out food and water," Fox 10 reported. "He stayed with her nuzzling her and lying nearby until the city came to remove her Saturday morning."

    The dogs did not have owner tags when they were found.

    "We picked up this other dog and took him to our East Valley shelter," Rodrigo Silva, an animal control official, told the station. "Right now it doesn't look like he has any behavioral or health problems."

    Silva added that the dog is "a little withdrawn and appears to be very sad."

    "If he continues to show these signs of withdrawal we will place him in a recovery home that can help him with his grieving," Silva told the Daily Mail.

    "I am so pissed about this," Karyn Aspan, who saw the photo on Facebook, wrote on her wall. "Animal control responded 14.5 hours later."

    Aspan, who lives in Chicago, told Fox 10 she called the Phoenix mayor's office to complain, and launched a Facebook campaign to find a home for the dog.

    "I was so outraged," she said.
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    Oh, I hope they get him in a recovery home SOON. He needs it. He deserves it.

    Bimmer kept vigil over Buffy's body after she died, and grieved for months afterward. I almost had to force feed him for several weeks. I was horribly worried I was going to lose him, too.
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    Interesting Story I've Always Known that Dogs Can Feel Emotion

    This post makes a lot of interesting points and gives us much to think about. Apparently a female pit bull was killed after being struck by a car. A male pit bull, presumably her mate, stayed by her side until the animal control folks came to remove the body. The male stayed with her for over 14 hours! To me this is quite amazing.

    I know some people will always wonder if dogs actually have emotions or real human like feelings. After all, if you really think about it, much of their behavior can be explained by pure instinct or actual learning. This one, on the other hand, really makes you question that theory. This animal certainly felt something for his wife, or girlfriend.

    I think it is impossible not to understand that dogs are almost always displaying some kind of real emotion. It is definitely something interesting to think about. Maybe dogs were always meant to be more than just companions? Were they they designed by our creator to be more?

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