greyhound for a racer

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    the greyhound line has been in existence or over 5000 yrs. they were once owned by Pharohs and considered a royal breed.They have a docile temperment,are quiet,calm ,and very shy,they do not kill,bite,or hurt other animals or people no matter what is done to them.Your father would do well to adopt one and take it into the home as a pet if he is a dog lover. From the horses mouth=i worked for a man who raced a greyhound in W.P.B.Florida,these dogs are abused like you can not imagine!! The name of the game is MONEY,at any cost to the the dog. I have ""seen""food withheld for as high as 72 hours(to make them weak)their foot pads scraped with sandpaper until they bleed(so they can't run)drugs given so they are hyper, or vise versa,hit,kicked,beaten,locked in a cage an left out only to practice or run a race.When their racing days are over, or they are a LOSER, they are put down,because, they are rendered useless.Thank God for the Greyhound Rescue who have stuck their head out to give these beautiful animals life again,what they truly deserve. No matter what breed of dog you love, you have never experienced a dog like this one,they are truly amazing.

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