Greetings from a soon-to-be new Border Collie owner!

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    9 yo cockatiel, border collie (soon)
    Hi there!

    So, to be honest, I have been lurking for quite a while, but I am motivated to come out of the woodwork as I will FINALLY be adopting my first dog in the next few months!

    My name is Kristina, and I hail from California.

    Here is my backstory!
    I grew up always loving dogs to a mother who is terrified of them, so we were never allowed to have them. So I tried to involve myself with dogs as much as I knew how. I was the kid (and later teenager) who would voluntarily walk and train the neighbors dogs, dog sit, volunteer in shelters, you name it!

    When I was 18, I excitedly realized that I would be able to finally get my own dog! I spent months researching all of the different breeds and finally realized that a border collie fit me perfectly in regards to my ideal energy level, intensity, personality type, play drive etc. etc.

    Reality Check.

    At 18, and just leaving for college with no dog-support system at home, I realized I was really not in the place to get such a breed. And so I waited, and waited, and waited.

    5 years later, I am a 4th grade teacher with a steady income, living in a dog friendly apartment with dog-friendly roommates, and have lots of dog-friendly friends who would help me out if I ever needed it. My lifestyle remains incredibly active (I run 3-4 miles 5 times a week and am constantly going hiking or playing sports.) and I finally feel that I am in a stable condition where I can get my very long awaited border collie. I have also met many dog representatives of the breed during this time, and know that the breed is still a great fit.

    I have decided I want to adopt; my application has been accepted by a local dog rescue, and now I just wait until the right border collie comes along (after successfully waiting 5 years, I am not going to jump on the first dog that comes my way and am going to wait for my perfect fit).

    Anyways, I hope you all will accept me despite being as of yet still dog-less. I have some questions already before my dog comes into my life, so I figured it was time to get an account and start posting!

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