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    Hello, everyone. If there is a butcher shop in your area, or a local slaughter house, check with them about "oxtails" for your dog. These are different from the dainty trimmed ox tail that you buy in the supermarket. Butcher style oxtail is whole, with all of the meat, gristle and easily eaten bone still intact. Have them cut it in lengths suitable for your dog. It is VERY inexpensive, @ 70 cents a pound, an average tail is 6 to 8 pounds. These are especially good for those who feed raw and have a dog who bolts their food. There is a lot of meat and yummy connective tissues & fat but it has to be chewed apart. I like to give these if we will be gone all day (long enough to miss dinner time) and it keeps my dogs happy. Beef tongues and hearts are also readily available through your neighborhood butcher as long as you notify them in advance that you would like some, otherwise they end up in the hamburger vat. These are a great source of lean nutriment for your dog. If you have a dog that needs to be brought up in condition or you want to put a bloom on your dogs coat, have the butcher run equal parts tongue or heart and raw suet through the grinder for you. Most will do it for free, and for a small fee many will then vacuum seal the "meal" into packages by weight for you. Mix the meal with cooked brown rice or cooked steel cut oats, 2 parts meal to 1 part rice & 1 part vegetables that your dog enjoys. I always steam the vegetables, as it makes it hard for a finicky dog to sort them out of the ration but retains most of the nutriment. For dogs that are very debilitated I will add chopped soft boiled egg and some molasses to the ration, and feed 3 times a day. It is important to note that a dog that is starved should not be allowed a great deal of food at any one time until their system is used to regular feeding, especially a very rich ration like this. I use this for pregnant and nursing dogs, too, and the bitches keep their condition very well, and the pups benefit from the high protein and fat content of moms diet, too. I feed dogs in whelp 6 small meals throughout the day, with this ration making up 50 percent of diet. Nursing dogs get small ration every other hour. I run this through the blender with a little pedialite for puppy gruel, too. Dogs in condition are given the suet fortified meal every other day in winter and once per week in summer. Make sure your dog has an appropriate sized bone at all times. Chewing cleans teeth and stimulates saliva production that aids digestion so your dog gets the full benefit of their ration. I like the big spine bones, I have the butcher separate the sections when we take in a beef, and leave them untrimmed. Thanks for listening, my speech is over......

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