Grafting Grape Vines

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    I posted on a plant site but it doesn't get as much action as Chaz, and I know we have some green thumbs here, so I'm posting here too :D

    So my neighbor had some grape vines, about 7 years old. I know it's the wrong time of year, but they started developing his property before I could try digging a couple up, and the excavator operator wouldn't accept my bribe to scoop it up (wrong bucket), so as a last resort I chopped one off. Here it is:

    It's 2 inches in diameter at the base and right now I have it sitting in a bucket of water. I think it's a concord vine.

    It looks now like they're only developing the back half (before they had 2 machines going at the front) so I may be able to dig up the other vines.

    I also might be able to dig up this one's rootball/stump.

    Can I graft the whole thing or a large branch of it onto rootstock (its own, if I can get it, or some from a nursery)?

    If not, is there anything else I can do? Rooting hormone?
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