Goober tried to eat my headphones

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by skittledoo, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Ok. I have a CD I listen to before bed because I have issues with mild insomnia. It's a hemi-sync CD from Monroe Institute that helps you sleep better. You have to listen to it with headphones though because it puts certain waves and binaural beats into individual ears and in a way almost hypnotizes you to sleep. I just listen to it on a walkman every night and it's been helping a lot.

    Well, last night Goober decided he'd had enough and he chewed through the cord on the headphones. So, now I need new ones. I'll probably just get a wireless pair because I'm a little concerned about him chewing through the electrical wires.

    I found little bits of the headphone cord on the floor of my room and I'm really hoping he didn't swallow any of it. Should I take him to the vet now or give him a few days? Also... for future cords... should I try plastic covers with all my electrical cords? He's never chewed through any of them before... my headphone cord was the first time.

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