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    On the golden front....

    I have two goldens. Bender is 10 and still going strong, she ran flyball a few years ago and posted times in the low fives. She was NOT an easy puppy, very busy and high energy. Granted I'm sure with more firm training she'd be a bit better but I don't like to loose the drive and atitude by getting on their case. She has a great temperment and loves everybody. Her lines are mostly conformation with attitude.

    Storee's parents are both conformation and peformance lines, her dad is strong field lines (field dog with a CH). She is WILD. She is getting better with work and age, being one she is better at listening and starting to be able to work a bit more, but very high drive and sometimes insane.

    Of the two, Storee would/will be a better flyball dog since she is smaller and has more drive. I compare her to being a blonde border collie in a lot of ways, just slower to mature mentally than my borders did.

    They also have a relative who runs flyball under five seconds and does superdogs, who also has his CH.

    What I would look for if you want a golden to do flyball with, is something that is going to have a good build like the show dogs, but in a smaller package with drive like the field dogs. A big show golden 'can' do flyball of course but will more than likely tire out faster and might not have the drive to do two days of flyball. A field golden would be a better bet but you have to make sure the structure is there to back up the pounding.

    If you want something that will do flyball but maybe isn't going to be a handful to work with, go for something from conformation lines that also has performance parents. is a database for goldens, you can look up titles, pedigrees and health clearances.

    Hope that helps!


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