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    When I tell people I have 4 dogs.. the first response I get is :yikes: and eeevvverryyybody thinks that it's so crazy here and the place must be a mess, and stink, etc.

    But actually... it's very calm and peaceful here... I just love having all 4 and our *pack* just feels complete. Everyone gets along with everyone, they all play together, sleep together, get into trouble together. Stryder acts like a puppy again (oh joy lol) even Kiba is outside bouncing around and initiating play with the pups.

    The only time they do get noisy is sometimes when they're playing inside... and when the roaring starts they get kicked outside. I can take all 4 to the dog park (there's no one ever there and my dogs play nice) and they will all listen nicely to me and behave, I took them to a costume contest last week and besides the schnauzers getting a little over-excited it was a very nice time.

    We're working on off-leash walking with everyone and coming when called on loose-lines in the yard since now that it's fall we can go out and play in the woods (with our orange on!) and run and play there.

    Everyone is coming alone nicely with their training. Pups are doing basic stuff in the yard with jumps and just playing in the weave poles and tunnel. Hope at some point to rent a space and get some contact training and more sequencing.

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