Gawler Vet Dave MacPhail Talks Dog Breath

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    We have all heard of the term dog breath. Nobody ever uses it in a flattering way! But bad dog breath is not normal, it is a sign of infection and pain in your dog's mouth. Gawler Vet Dave MacPhail talks about bad breath and the ways we can improve it.

    "If your dog's breath is bad don't just wave it away" says Dr Dave, "because it is a sign of mouth disease, usually to do with the teeth." The most common reason is periodontal disease - the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth, exactly the same as with people. Dogs are also very good at breaking teeth, getting tooth root abscesses and much more.

    "The real trick with dog dental disease is to identify it early" says Dr MacPhail. "Dogs don't show pain well - they still eat and play, but they can be very sore." Often a full anaesthetic and sometimes x-rays are required to pick up dental disease. This is very different to people because dogs just don't sit still for these procedures. You can read more about pet dental disease on the Galwer South Vet Website

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