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Discussion in 'Dog Stories' started by cindr, Oct 7, 2006.

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    We had two dogs one named Missy. A Belguim Trevuren and Peter a Chi/mix. Well one night we had a visitor stay with us. He slept in the back bedroom near the pool yard. Well he would get up to hearing some noise.

    He looked out the window to find one guy in the fenced in yard and the other on the other side of the fence. The guy that was in the yard had Peter and was passing him over to the guy on the other side of the fence. He ran over to my brothers room and told the boys. So they got up right away.

    Mom called the Police. Guess who the Police would stop, with guns drawn ready to shoot?

    Thats right my two brothers chasing two guys down the streeet in their under wear. With what in their hands? Two 22 shot guns.:lol-sign: :hail:

    Did they have to answer some questions? You know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:popcorn:

    Did the bad guys get away? Sure the Cops were to busy with my brothers that were in their under wear!!!!!!!:yikes:
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    hehe, brill
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    Yes, I think so. We have to bring funny things up everyonce in a while. Thanx for enjoying it with me!

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