Funny Request - help Bun find Lilo & Stitch Fabric!

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by mightymitedoggear, Jun 15, 2005.

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    OK, this might be the wackiest post I ever put up here but here goes:

    I'm asking for a nation wide search for fabric with the Disney "Stitch" cartoon on it! Ok, this isn't as strange as I know it seems. Bun's nickname is "Stitch" because he's the wild and crazy space alien dog I brought home from the animal shelter who ransacked the house. Kool Koats (a wet-down coat company) is making a custom cool down coat for him (ever since the Addisson's diagnosis, Bun has had a lot of trouble with heat and dehydration - probably because of the Pred he takes). They use special fabrics so I asked if they could get one with Lilo and Stitch on it. Once again, I'm amazed that something you would think is pervasive isn't so when you start LOOKING FOR IT! I did an internet search, but came up empty handed. Has anyone seen or does anyone know where I could this fabric?

    Bun Mom!

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