Fred went to ringcraft tonight!

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    Was a bit weird at first, but actually enjoyed it by the end. Fred's just a star. I wasn't sure I liked the guys methods, but I told them we were seeing a trainer, and all I wanted to know was what to do, and we'll work on doing it, and he seemed to respect that. Had Fred moving up and down (super), standing (he stood!!) and a some socialisation (he's shy at first, but warms up quick. Preferable to being an obnoxious brat!!). He plays all paws, its so cute. I love how he focusses on me, even with distractions, gun dogs rock.

    We'll go again next week, even though its a hr and 20min round trip.... Nothing is local here!!!

    He can enter a companion show in november, so that should be interesting!!!

    He's going to be an all round super star I think. Should be fun to see how he takes on other competitive things!

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