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  1. This is for you babe... I'm so sorry.
    You have to stay this time mummy
    I now have to be free
    Don't be so sad mummy
    for now I'm at peace
    Let go of your pain, let it take part of you
    because from out of these ashes, a new life will bloom
    Don't look for me in places I have been
    I am in your heart mummy
    and inside your soul
    ..and everything that reminds you of me
    see, I'm not really gone
    Don't be lost in the dark
    or scared when you're alone
    My spirit is near you, and my light will shine on
    to be blind and not see her magic and what she's given me
    to sit in the dark alone and not embrace what love I've been shown
    now that, would be the tragedy

    You'll be missed, Miss Sakari!
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    That's so sweet AC. Made me cry more but it's beautiful.
  3. It made me cry too...

    Even though I have never met Sakari or you, I feel like I am losing one of my own family. I am feeling the same pain as you.

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    Sakari is with CJ now, and I know the two of them are having a good time. Try to remember the love you shared with each other. She will forever be in your heart and memories.

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