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Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by yoko, Oct 19, 2012.

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    I decided to try out the Field Agent app despite some mediocre reviews of people saying it crashes all the time.

    Anyway after using for a couple weeks and cashing out twice I thought I'd give anyone here who's been kind of interested a heads up that it really does work and you do get your money.

    The one issue a lot of people have been complaining about is that the app crashes when you start to take a pic. If it does this just shut the entire app down through the double click and long hold and reopen it and it will work.

    If you haven't heard of it you basically are a secret shopper. Only instead of getting assignments it's a first come first served sort of thing. If you claim a job you have two hours to complete it.

    My two most recent jobs were:

    1: I had to go to Walmart and take a pic of the screen that had the green bean casserole advert playing on it and answer a question about if it was near the soups or not. Took maybe 5 minutes because it wasn't and had a little trouble finding it and got $4.50.

    2: I went to Walgreens and took two pics of a candy set up and answered one question about if it was just hershey candy there or not and got $4.00.

    Anyway if you shop at Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar Store, Dollar General, Sams Club, Toys R Us it might be something to look at. I know there are a ton of other stores that have jobs but living in the country we don't have a lot of other popular chains.

    Anyway just giving a heads up for anyone wanting to try.

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