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    Or because she loves me, but the past two nights Teagan has been sleeping a little different than she usually does.

    A little background.

    Sunday while Ski-dooing I hurt my knee pretty bad. I can not bend it very much without causing me alot of pain. And saying that I have been having a hard time sleeping. I usually sleep in my side with my legs curled up and bent, and I have not been able to do that. I have to sleep on my back with my legs straight, but I have been waking up all through the night, because I go to shift to my side and curl up my legs and than I wake up in pain.

    Teagan must have noticed that, or got annoyed, because sunday during the middle of the night she moved from the end of the bed (where she sleeps most of the time, unless its morning cuddle time) to right tight beside my leg that I hurt. After that I was able to fall asleep because I could not shift to my side while I was sleeping.

    She did that again last night, but from the start of going to bed.

    So its just either a fluke that she is sleeping right tight against me, or she somehow knows Im causing myself pain while I move onto my side while I am sleeping. Either way I appreciate it :)

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