Finally getting settled in the townhouse!

Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Sweet72947, Jun 27, 2012.

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    So last weekend was exhausting! We moved about 98% of our crap on Saturday, and then went back Sunday to clean and grab a few other bits and pieces. We finally got our Internet up today, although I am only able to post this thread and then I have to get off the 'net again because I have to leave soon to go to work (I agreed to work today for five hours even though today was supposed to be my day off because somebody else decided to call out). I wanted to say thanks again to the Chazzers who suggested the risers for my bed! I have the bed all set up and I think it will work out well having the guinea pigs under it. They are still at my parents' house for now, but I will get them soon. I managed to fit all my furniture in that little room. I will get a pic when everything is set up. I just need to find the tacks so I can hang stuff on my wall again. Somebody packed them somewhere and none of us can find them!

    Its been a stressful several days, but I think things will settle down now.

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