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    My name is Cristina, I am a member of Chazhound. I am posting this message to inform you about a website I ran into. It is about a family in need of help to find their lovely 2 sharpeis. I just want to help them, here is their story:

    >>>On July 22 my sweetheart and I came home to an open gate and two missing Shar-Pei. Our hearts sank and we were absolutely torn up. These ARE our kids and our babies and quite honestly we had a hard time functioning.

    We have been totally blessed with a miracle in that we found Honey Bear 10 days later thanks to two good Samaritans in Clovis, NM. We live in Portales, New Mexico. We do not know if the gate did not latch or if they were stolen. She had to undergo surgery and to our shock they removed a .38 bullet but she is going to be fine and make a full recovery. Now we turn to finding her buddy Ziggy.

    We ask anyone but particularly in the Portales, Clovis, Albuquerque, Roswell, Hobbs areas of New Mexico to be on the look out as well as Lubbock and Amarillo Texas and all points in between for our Male.

    Ziggy is a reddish-brown brush coat male a little over a year old.

    Folks I know this is a long shot but I am doing everything I can to try and locate my buddy. He is not street smart and we want our family back together again.

    If you have any info or sighting of Ziggy then please let me know via email or by phone:
    505-356-0874 or 505-760-7565.

    We are not rich folks and he is a pet but I will pay a reward for his safe return.

    I hope that the people that live in the places that their two shar pei might be lost can help out. Unfortunately, I do not live near those places that they mentioned. I live in deep south Texas, but I do believe I am doing the best I can do to help this poor family. I also own a shar pei, above all I own a pet that is my loved one, and I know that I would feel lost with him. Thank you. :)

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