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    I have a dog named Honey (for the color of his fur) I rescued him from the shelter they told me he was a mix. I've had him fro about a year now. He keeps turning his head to where his ear is and pushing it into soft things liek the couch etc. and looks like his ears are itching and bothering him he pushes both ears into soft things to itch them. He also will lay down and put his paw over his ears to scratch them. They are not bloody or any strange color. St the tips there a little dry and flaky. I'm nervouse to go to the vet and have them run a bunch of tests and then find out its something really small and then pay tons of money that i can't afford to pay. This has been going on for about 1-1/2 months i kept waiting to see if it would go away.
    Nothing else seems to be wrong. Any suggestions? I would appreciate suggestions!

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