dogs & winter??

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Dreeza, Sep 19, 2005.

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    so, we got oakley during the winter, and since his previous owner crated him 8hrs a day...he got crated while my bro was at school.

    Now that our neighbors generously gave us their kennel, oakley gets to have lots of space (even though he prefers to sleep in one corner) all day...

    i HIGHLY doubt oakley is built for the winter in MI...but is there a way to 'get around this' so oakley doesnt have to stay crated? technically we should be able to just keep him inside, because he should be all trained by the time he gets back...but, he likes his pen (at least i assume so, since he starts pulling on the leash like crazy when we get close to it, and i can unhook him a few feet away...and he runs as fast as he can into it...then acts all surprised when the door gets closed behind him :rolleyes: ) but there a way to ensure the cold would be safe for him? a special doggie house? etc?
    and what are temps that are just TOO cold, no matter what...or weather conditions, etc...obviously common sense comes into play here...but some basic guidelines are always nice to know :)


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