Dogs, cops, drunken Kiwi trash...

Discussion in 'Dog News and Articles' started by casablanca1, Jan 10, 2006.

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    We got curs and hounds, and a baby rabbit named Cu
    Pidjun Haller, with ma uncle Palmer,2106,3536222a12855,00.html

    I love that photo. In the event the link fails, it's a New Zealand story about a woman who's accused of siccing her 2 Bullmastiff crosses on a pair of cops, who eventually shot one of the dogs. THe cops (clearly more restrained than American cops, who would have started shooting the second the dogs growled at them) first tried using pepper spray on the dogs, who weren't impressed, and only shot after being chased inside their car and the windshield kicked apart by the dog's wonderfully crazy mistress.

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