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    Hi Guy's I went and picked up on of my babies yesterday. Okay Dobs yeaterday. I sold this pup to a very nice family. Now with all sales on any of my dogs, I that I get the dog back for training Once I return the dog I then train the owner.

    Now I have found that this area works for me and the owners and with this in mind I always have full contact with all and every dog that we have to offer.

    Okay now I go the Johns to pick up baby. I get there and here he comes WOOOF WOOOF. Then air breaks and says OOOOH> Then runs the other way. Ivey the wife starts to laugh and say he knows. Yup I would say. So Ivey what did you name him. The reason I asked was because they had a hard time thinking of a name for him. SO Ivey said,. LOl :lol-sign: DONKEY KONG. I just could not keep from laughing.

    So now I go to get the kid Donkey Kong in the vehicle. Uh uh. No problem I pick him up and he lets go all over me. Not a problem used to that. So now I go to the Bus station to pick up a couple of potential candidates as to our dog training course. The one male (human) has a few yrs under his belt. 15 yrs,

    We get every one in the truck and then he starts to play with the dog in a loving way. He starts saying Oh would I love to take this dog home and bond with him, Then work him into full attack. I said to myself OH NO YOU DIDN"T!!!! Now I have a very serious temper but I kept it with in my hat.

    I would take the time to get to know him better, The girl is so much easier to work with and wants to listen and learn. Cool I like her. Now the guy well. I can say something other wise. So when we are back at the training center. I pull out two of my gsds. I ask him to asses the dogs. Okay everything he stated was wrong wrong wrong. Now it is a given he does not know the dogs. but as a real pro you should be able to asses the dogs off the bat.

    So we go into the house and we discuss the three dogs. The 6 month old Dob. I stated to him as a trainer, may I ask how you can justify your comment as to taking the dog home and getting him fully attack trained? When 1) he has not reached his maturity level? 2) When the dog is as insecure as he is? What would the result and out come be that you would wish to acheive by doing this?

    Well he stated to me that was how he was trained! I said and what is that suppose to mean? Well he said when you have an insecure dog you get the bond on then get him to start protecting you. I then looked at him and said/ nicely to be assured. So in other words you wish to take a young immature teen ager------------------------------------------------------------ especially a male that shows nothing but totaly insecurity and build up a unatural aggression and protection in the dog? Hum I said. Well first off at NO TIME Will any instructor and or trainie ever attemp that here at my facility. I as well stated you must build up the dogs positive's by securing the dogs proper growth mentally as well as physically. So now with what you are stating to me. In the straight and narrow that you are going to make a dog something it should not be?????

    So I then took the time to inform him these areas. One the dog is not relaxed and is insecure, a true dog trainer would appreciate that then work on finding what makes him tick. Not meaning aggression but what makes him feel comfortable to want to work.
    Then work with what you have. Build the dogs confidence up as what and where he /she is to go. Rather than taking in the dog that shows total fear A dog that backs away runs with tail tucked and then saying hey there I want you to to bark and bite. Not going to happen here now and or ever. The dog is here to be trained in these areas.

    1) Socialisation
    2) Ob

    Nothing but that. So get it out of your head if you think that you will come on board here thinking that the aspect of the game is to train dogs to kill and attack. No NO NO won't happen. You are the trainer and you should be confident in how you train and if the dog can not handle the stress THEN DO NOT PUSH IT YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MAKES THEM OR BREAKS THEM.

    The so called trainer states to me that Okay now I understand. I now see why the dogs that his former boss had would come and go. He said that we pushed insecure individuals dogs that did not have the mentality to complete the work expected of them. OKAY HE FINALLY GOT IT< DU

    Will I be hiring this person. No not if the DEVIL HIMSELF JUMPED UP AND LITE A FLAME UNDER MY RIGHT EAR>

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