dog takes a long time to relieve himself

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by mc2, Nov 20, 2004.

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    I've recently moved from a place that did not allow dogs so I was forced to keep my miniature schnauzer indoors all the time. He was trained to relieve himself in a dog litter box lined with those plastic/cloth pads. Where i am living now does allow dogs. For the most part i think he is house trained, he dosent urinate indoors. The first two days we moved in he would poo in the corner of the bedroom when i left for work, but now i shut the door and he no longer poos.

    However when i walk him he usually urinates right away, but he takes atleast 15 minutes to poo now. i think it's because he knows that he has to go back in once he poos, but im not really sure.

    Any tips woudl be greatly apreciated!
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    Sometimes it takes some physical activity before they get the "urge," so it might help if you play with him and get him to run around a bit.

    And they do figure out that once they've done the deed, the fun's over and it's back inside, so start staying outside for a few minutes after he's finished, then give him a treat and big pets right after he comes back in to reinforce that coming inside isn't the end of the fun.

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