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    So what with spring coming and the gardens coming back to life (lol), I was wondering what everyone did with their yards to accommodate the dogs. When I move into my own home, I really want to have a nice garden, I LOVE nice backyards lol. I don't like the idea of replacing grass with sod or pea gravel or anything, so I am wondering if anyone has successfully kept multiple dogs and a nice lawn? :eek:

    I LOVE my parents garden but lately with Tucker's chemo the grass is getting destroyed because his urine is so toxic :( lol.

    I would love to see photos or online ideas :) Even non-dog related stuff. I LOVE seeing good ideas. I saw this the other day, isn't it awesome?!

    I love a 'soft' look but a relatively clean design... And I would love to have a water feature in the form of a natural looking pond but with dogs maybe not :rofl1: Since our cat passed away this winter, we have invested in a ton of bird feeders and a gorgeous stone bird bath and my whole fam is loving having so much bird activity in the garden. I can't wait as we get further into summer and even more birds show up :D

    ETA: I love this lawn! And I love the clean edge of the lawn/vegetation but how nicely the plants mesh together... It doesn't look like they are separated or too unnatural, if that makes sense.

    This pond <3

    Like this look too: 34_1-1.jpg

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