Dog Breeding as a Profession

Discussion in 'The Breeding Ground' started by zaidoo, Sep 2, 2006.

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    I assume the dam would do all the work?:( I know some people feel that breeding is simply putting two dogs together and selling the results. They assume that Mother Nature will take care of everything.
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    Well to be honest with you if you really get down and dirty, yes there can be money involved with breeding dogs. The money that you put out!! LOL.

    The reason I say this is because as a breeder of dogs (German Shepherds and Dobermans) Each breed has its own personaly cost,

    The German Shepherd;
    1) Temprement
    2) Structure and looks
    3) Hips, elbows,shoulders eyes certified
    4) Yearly vacinations
    5) Purchase price of the origanal dog
    6) Professional Dog Training Class and shows if any
    7) Registration papers
    8) Stud Service
    9) Puppy registrations, vacinations and identification marks (tattoo or micro chip
    10) Von willabrands bleeding disorder evaluations and all other health issues to be checked

    1) Same as all of the above
    2) Ears, tails,& dew claws removed
    OOOOpsie for got monthly doggy deit and vitimines
    Dogs should not be breed till after their 2nd date of birth.

    Now lets break it down. Purchase price $1500.,00 Stud fee;s $1000.00 and up
    this is breeding to a recognised and titled dog. Not just the neighbours dog.
    Now we have spent out $2500.00 not including the $4000.00 in vet bills for all dogs concerned. So now out of pocket $7500.00
    Pups sold for $1000.00 to be fair you have 6 pups. Total lose $1500.00
    okay now your bitch had 10 pups so yes if you get the $1000.00 for all of the pups you are up $4000.00 but still have to take into consideration of the extended costs to get that.

    I sincerely beleive that breeding is an art and should be done as such. Our female just had her first litter and I will tell you she has a bunch of impressive of kids. At 8 weeks of age they are showing everything that you want to see in a dog. Sure they do have attitude but so does their grand ma Me Cindr

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