"Doberman Pinscher, Dog McDonough GA~ Suffering Kennel Stress."

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    "London" is extremely intelligent, athletic girl suffering from being
    cooped up in a tiny shelter enclosure and can be put to sleep any day for
    kennel stress. Staff loves her - she is the longest held dog in the pound -
    and has tried to give her some exercise but there are so many dogs in this
    shelter that each one only gets out for a little bit each day"

    Henry County Animal Shelter 527 Hampton Street McDonough, GA 30253 Phone: 770-288-PETS(7387)

    It's Raining Cats & Dogs In West Virginia: 7/24/11"Doberman Pinscher, Dog McDonough GA~ Suffering Kennel Stress. She is in EXTREME DANGER! PTS Anytime"

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