Dobe rescue--Kody

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Zoom, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Here's the link to his information: click on Kody's picture for more information.

    I've been working with him the past couple of days to see what he does or does not know. So far its apparent he knows sit, stay and shake. Down is a little slower, but it's there. He sort of pulls on a leash, but it's the type of pulling that leads me to believe that he was trained on a retractable--not hard but enough like he thinks more lead is going to follow. He's picking up very quickly that pulling is not good and is watching me more and more during our walks. He's a darling boy and needs a good home! He was fostered for a while with Bruno (posted about him earlier) and they got along great. He loves playing with other dogs, he wrestles a bit rough sometimes so it's probably better if he sticks with bigger dogs.

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