Do Ridgebacks "Point" ???

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Gustav, Sep 7, 2006.

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    We were down by the river the other day, Gus was waiting for me to throw his stick into the water... and his front leg came up, and his tail went out deadly straight... Christian said "Look he's pointing!!"

    I wondered if this was a Ridgeback trait, because i've never heard of a GSD doing it! LOL!
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    almost all dogs will do that at some point, its part of the prey sequence. But thru breeding some have shortened prey response. In pointers they were bred to have a shortend response that would stop with what looks like "pointing" A paw up "locked" on target, and tail out. The paw and tail are from arousal states, common in all dogs, some dogs have a very quick "point" and they're off chasing, you probably wouldn't even see the "point". Some dogs will just chase, some will give curiosity bites, some will give grab bites, some will go and give kill bites. The exact prey sequence varies from dog to dog and generally from breed to breed, so yes a ridgback or GSD can "point", they just aren't selectively bred for it. Its hardwiring, "pointers" don't really have the genetic hardwiring to do anything after the point, whereas GSD's will give chase and bite.

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