do "pretty"/"good looking" get treated different?

Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Dogdragoness, Jun 15, 2014.

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    I was watching either doc or PIVIT channel (can't remember which one it was) and they had a documentary on about if people who society would consider pretty or good looking get treated differently than people who society thinks may not be and it was enlightening (and a little sad) that, when the journalist (who was a pretty girl) went as herself into the public (like to stores and such) she was treated very nicely, even allowed to go ahead in a check out line at a walmart when the man in front of her say she had fewer items than him.

    But ... when she put on a "fat" suit and had makeup out on to downplay her looks, the way people treated her was vastly different, you kind of had to be watching it, but people's treatment of her ranged from flat out ignoring to downright rude.

    I have even noticed this with myself, now I am no beauty queen, but I like to think I am fairly good looking, and I have seen people treat me different than say, an overweight or what society would call an "ugly" person.

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