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    So we went to the skyhounds disc dog competition last wednesday. I was nervous because Talon has been going through a fear period with people and because he get's so frustrated on leash with meeting dogs it results in him lunging/baring teeth/lunging at other dogs when he can't get to them or they get pulled away. It's a frustration, easily excited "NO I WANT TO PLAY/SAY HI YOU WILL NOT LEAVE" type thing, but it's easily taken the wrong way. But he did SO good! He is out of his fear period, went up to women, men, kids, kids with skateboard helmet (previously would've been a "OMFG what is eating that kids head!" moment), guys with hates/glasses/beards/canes, etc. [^_^] He was a bit over-excited at first, but the more time the better/calmer he got. He got so calm that he rolled on his back, belley up, and played with his toys. [^_^] So here are a few pics of him relaxing.

    "you have a frisbee?"

    DSCN1983 by babyblue5290, on Flickr

    "Ok, Here's the plan, I look innocent, You distract the people and then I'll grab the frisbee"

    DSCN1980 by babyblue5290, on Flickr

    "There it is again! the frisbee guy!"

    DSCN1978 by babyblue5290, on Flickr

    "Happy dog just chillin"

    DSCN1979 by babyblue5290, on Flickr

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